Quality and Sustainability

Its policy on Safety and Security of packaging and food packaging is based on providing products that meet the needs of its clients, in quality and price and that they are safe and Insurance following a process of continuous improvement to ensure the future and development of the company, understanding that this is the only method able to maintain and even improve the position now occupied in the market.
LIQUI-BOX SPAIN S.L.U.. is dedicated to the manufacture of flexible packaging for liquids offering customized solutions for developments in plastic materials applied to the direct and promotional marketing.
LIQUI-BOX SPAIN S.L.U. ‘S commitment  with Safety and Security of packaging has developed a Safety Management System based on the ISO 22000: 2005 and the Protocol BRC / IOP; Because of this commitment to our principles regarding quality and safety of food packaging are:
Give our product the highest level of quality, safety and safety of packaging for food contact.
Establish a formal commitment of the entire company and especially its Directive for the continuous improvement of SGISEEA and compliance with all requirements of the ISO 22000: 2005 and the Protocol BRC / IOP as well as the legal requirements and regulations applicable to the company.

Involve the all staff of LIQUI-BOX SPAIN S.L.U., in the development of SGISEEA and in compliance with our policy and the objectives set at all relevant levels of the organization.
Provide solutions to the needs of our clients with personal advice from the outset.
Ensure compatibility of the packaging with the product with which these materials come into contact.
In addition to these criteria we consider key elements:
- Knowledge of the needs and expectations of our customers, to ensure their complete satisfaction.
- Commitment to meet the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system.
- Development of a culture of quality and training throughout the organization.
- Communicates and understands within the company.
- Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
- The implementation of a continuous improvement process throughout the company.
- High quality industrial processes, allowing us cost-effectively and cleanly, competitive products on the market.
- Give ourselves the means and adequate resources to enable the achievement of our goals.
The Directive undertakes to review this policy annually and to make the necessary modifications SGISEEA to ensure their compliance with legal requirements; food safety packaging thus improving the effectiveness of the implanted system.


Conotainer's bag-in-box packaging offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to many other types of standard packaging.

Our products allows customers to reduce their environmental impact in respect of waste reduction, energy consumption and raw material usage.

  • Bag-in-box packaging extends product shelf life, reducing food waste.
  • Five times less waste than rigid containers
  • Lightweight and space-efficient - saves 20% on fuel and energy costs in transport
  • Minimal packaging reduces raw material usage by up to 80%. The material it is made from is lighter than the other plastic alternatives providing it with a better carbon footprint.